Change Your Mind and Keep the Change!

NLPHow would you like to find out how your brain is wired so you can change it to suit you and help you accomplish your goals? That’s what submodalities can do for you. They are an amazing and powerful part of how you organize your experience of life. We don’t often notice it, but when we think about something we all have a special way of organizing the thoughts into images (visual), sounds (auditory) and sensations (kinesthetic).  Let me show you what I mean and how you can use this to help yourself in many, many ways. It takes a little bit of work, but it’s really worth it.

Right now, think about something you really like to eat. Really conjure it up and write down your the answers to these questions in a column called “Food I Like”. When you see the picture of it in your mind, is it close to you? Is it large or small?  is it right in front of you or up? or down? or to the right or left? Is it in color? Is there a border around the picture or do the edges just fade away? Are you in the picture looking at yourself with the food? or just seeing it with of your own eyes?  Now what sounds are involved? Are you hearing the sound you make when you eat it? Are you telling yourself something about it? What feelings are involved? Do you start to salivate? lick your lips? get a feeling in your mouth or stomach? Any feeling of pulling the food toward you? Write down any sensations involved.

OK, now, erase that picture from your mind and think of something you really don’t want to eat ever, ever. In a column called “Food I Hate” write down your findings. Where is the picture located now? How close or far is it from you? Is it large or small? Is it in black and white or color? Is there a border around the picture? Are you in the picture or seeing it with your own eyes? What sounds are involved? Are you telling yourself anything about this food? What feelings do you have about it? Any feelings in your body? any tightness? or a feeling of pushing away?

There, now on your paper you have your submodalities for foods you like and don’t like. Here is where the magic comes in. Change your submodalities and your experience changes! Think of a food you would really like to cut back on and not feel so excited about? Rich desserts? Fried food? Junk food? Whatever you choose, get the picture in your mind and you’ll recognize all of the submodalities for food you like. Now, one by one change the submodalities so they match foods you don’t like (don’t worry, you can change them all back whenever you want!) Change the distance, where it’s located, the size, colors, borders, sounds and feelings until the picture looks just like a food you don’t like. Now, how do you feel about eating this food? Amazing isn’t it?

This technique can be very helpful in quitting a habit. Or find your submodalities for what motivates and what you avoid… and soon, exercising will be just as much fun as watching TV on the couch!

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