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energy healing, mindbody healing, emotional healingI always search for the core – what's at the bottom, driving everything else. When it comes to healing, it is energy. In my practice I have learned to combine two extremely powerful healing modalities, EmoTrance and Hypnotherapy, to heal and release emotional wounds, blocks, limiting beliefs and trauma without spending hours and hours discussing issues, what's broken or who's to blame. We work directly with the energy body and the signals it is giving you right in the present moment with amazing results.

EmoTrance is a form of Energy Psychology, which is the name for a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system during psychological treatment. It works by understanding that emotions are not a problem, regardless of their severity or whatever label is given to them. Emotions just reflect an underlying energetic injury. When you experienced the trauma, your energy body was damaged and the energy ceased to flow naturally. When you trigger the event through an experience or thought, the energy is activated but cannot flow resulting in emotional stress which can then eventually lead to physical problems. So physical issues also have energy stress as their underlying cause.

EmoTrance detects the energetic roots to emotional and physical problems and helps to restore the natural flow of the energy thereby releasing the problem. It works with the energy directly so you do not have to divulge or discuss the original trauma.


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There are three main ways this healing works:

1) It keeps you in the present moment in your power, restoring channels, injured areas and systems of the energy body that were damaged from the trauma.

2) It finds pathways for energies which are stuck, held on to, or refused.

3) It detects the underlying roots of physiological sensations and emotional reactions in a person's body and helps soften and release those blockages restoring flow.

Hypnotherapy goes deep within your subconscious mind where the memories, traumatic experiences and beliefs they created are stored. In a deeply relaxed state, your subconscious mind becomes open and we can easily communicate with it to restore harmony. The subconscious mind uses images and sensations to communicate, so using its own metaphors we create change down at the level where it all begins and provide what the subconscious requires to make healing ecological, complete and lasting.

Combining these two techniques, EmoTrance and Hypnotherapy, you can experience change more quickly than you ever imagined possible as we go to the very root of what is causing the problem. We don't discuss the problem, but find it's energectic core, allow it to flow, and create whatever harmony your subconscious requires to make it lasting and complete.

Whether you are suffering with an emotional or physical issue, the treatment is the same. A physical problem is just an emotional problem that's been around a long time without release. Releasing the problem from your energy body and assuring a sound inner ecology will give you the healing you desire.

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