Enjoy a Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep and a Positive and Optimized Day

I’ve seen alot of self-hypnosis programs that help you sleep. While I was dozing off one night, it occurred to me that I was in a deep alpha/theta state, the brainwave state that is perfect for hypnotic suggestions. Why not create a self-hypnosis that helps you to get to sleep and when you are in that deeply relaxed state, gives you suggestions to make your next day the best day ever! That’s how Night & Day was created.

First, it allows you to relax deeply using hypnotic language patterns, soothing music and brain wave entrainment to help you drop into a deeply relaxing state. While this is happening you are given suggestions to have a deeply restful sleep, to balance, heal and rejuvenate. Your subconscious knows exactly what to do. Your subconscious will respond with the result of a deep rejuvenating and healing sleep. When your subconscious and conscious minds are aligned with the same goal, it is extremely powerful.

As you go deeper into relaxation and start to fall asleep, you begin to receive suggestions using hypnotic language patterns and neurolinguistic programming techniques so you wake up in a fully refreshed state full of optimism, energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. You also receive suggestions to help you during your day – to flow with your day, be open to inspiration, to enjoy eating in a healthy way and moving your body, being able to cope and respond to life with love, humor and resourcefulness. What could be better?

Life is very stressful, and my goal is to help you relax and enjoy your life while you’re accomplishing your goals at the same time. Getting a good night’s sleep and having your subconscious create a beautiful day for you will help you to achieve this. We are at our most productive when we are relaxed and we also heal when we are relaxed. So, this is why I made this process. I thought if everyone could have a good night’s sleep and an enjoyable, productive day it would be a better world, so please share and enjoy your Night & Day!

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Author: Pamela Turner

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