I Have Nothing To Deal With But My Own Thoughts

Years ago, when I was feeling helpless and upset, a friend wrote something on a small scrap of paper and handed it to me. She suggested that I carry it with me and read it whenever I was worried, upset or frightened. It said, “I have nothing to deal with but my own thoughts.” I was skeptical, but because I trusted her I agreed.
Carrying it in my purse for several years, I remembered it when my thoughts began to run away with me. Whether it was regarding something financial, emotional or potentially physical, reaching in my wallet, I took the paper out and read it slowly. After repeating it silently several times, I began to feel more focused, calmer and at peace.
Remembering the friend, the paper and the words written on it, I feel more peaceful and quietly centered than I did when I began to write this. It still “works”!


Author: Pamela Turner

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