Inner Peace Process

Calm Your Mind and Enjoy Inner Peace

Most of us live in a fast-paced, hectic and stressful environment. It can often be difficult to relax, calm our minds and find inner peace. A relaxed mind is essential for focus, mental clarity and personal health and well-being; however, negative and intrusive thoughts still have a way of creeping into our minds. Sometimes the thoughts just chatter on and on repeating old songs, jingles, problems and conversations.

The Inner Peace Process is a two-part system combining both modern psychological change technology and ancient proven techniques to provide one highly effective, exceptional product that quickly teaches you how to calm your mind anytime you need peace, calm and focus. It engages your body’s relaxing power and not just your will power so there is no stress involved. 

Benefits of the Inner Peace Process:Inner Peace

  • Calm yourself on-demand, instantly
  • Raise your vibration instantly
  • Relief from mental stress and a racing mind
  • Enjoy inner peace whenever you need it
  • Escape from worry, anger, negativity, and self-abuse
  • Calm your mind so you can focus
  • Center and open to creativity and new possibilities
  • Take control to you can respond to life instead of reacting
  • Give yourself the space you need to respond to life rather than react
  • Enhance your meditation and spiritual practice

The first part of the Inner Peace Process teaches you a technique that will center you, ground you and open you to your highest energies. The second will calm your mind and stop mental chatter, ease you into the present moment and increase your awareness, peace of mind and stillness. These techniques are fused together so you can benefit from both at the same time and call them up quickly.

These techniques are based on methods that have been practiced by martial artists and shamans for thousands of years, so you know they work.

Applications of the Inner Peace Process

  • Stop obsessive thinking that leads to painful emotions
  • Focus in any difficult or stressful environment
  • Enhance right brain activities like art and creativity
  • Really be able to really be present and listen to someone
  • Enjoy the present moment
  • Stop Monkey Mind
  • Stop fear, doubt, worry, anger, stress in their tracks
  • Raise your vibration
  • Increase your awareness and joy in life
  • Clear your mind so you can focus on what is important
  • Let go of petty, annoying, repetitive thoughts
  • Really experience something fully without inner commentary
  • Enhance your meditative practice


“Its so nice to find something that works so quickly!  Ive had some worries that keep coming up every few days, pretty much wrecking my days and nights. Its so nice to have a tool to use when I get carried away with those worries.   I like that this isnt a tool to suppress them but to be able to handle the situations in a better way.  Great tool to have!”. MH

“Thank you! As I have been practicing the techniques and am amazed at how quickly and easily I can clear my mind, eliminate tension and get back to focusing on the now of life”. JB

“I’ve always been trying to stop my thoughts. I felt defeated. This process taught me how to just be quiet and at peace. Thank you so much!” – CK

“Really calming and effective program with three different guided audio sessions that all build on the previous. Found a lot of relief in this.”–ES

“This is absolutely priceless!! I never realized how much chatter I have going on in my head every minute of every day. I finally found the quiet I always craved. Thank you so much!” -RB


You will learn it fast, but it will last a lifetime.

The Inner Peace Process is available for immediate download and will consist of a training document, 2 training audio files and 2 practice audio files.

You have nothing to risk with a no questions asked money-back guarantee!

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