Oxygenizing Breath

Written by Pamela Turner on May 1, 2010. Posted in Awareness, Breathing, Energy, Healing, Huna, Inner Mastery, Mind-body Healing, Techniques, Vibration

This breathing exercise is designed to stimulate the air cells in the lungs. Do not overdo it. You will likely feel dizzy the first few times you do this. If you smoke or have smoked, do this only under supervision because you can pass out from the incredible rush of oxygen which your body is not used to. When I first tried this exercise I was about fourteen, spent hours each day riding (and racing) bicycles, and even I got dizzy the first couple times. Go easy and if you do get dizzy, walk around a little and discontinue the exercise for a while.


(1) Stand erect with your hands on your chest.

(2) Inhale a complete breath very gradually and slowly. As you do, gently tap your chest with the finger tips. Move your hands constantly so as to stimulate every inch of the lungs.

(3) When the lungs are filled, hold the breath and pat the chest with your palms. As you progress you can pat your chest more and more firmly.

(4) Practice the Cleansing Breath.

This exercise is very stimulating to the whole body. Many of the air cells in the lungs become inactive over time from incorrect breathing, smoking, etc. This exercise when done regularly can stimulate those cells back into activity over time. It is a very worthwhile exercise.

Vince Wingo,Huna Ohana
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Pamela Turner

Pamela A. Turner, M.Ed., C.Ht. has extensive training in counseling psychology (M.Ed.), hypnotherapy (C.Ht.), Neurolinguistic Programming (Master), Emotional Transformation, Energy Healing, Law of Attraction (Practitioner) and is a Huna Shaman and longtime Toltec student. She specializes in creating products and writing to help people understand and master their inner energies to live happy, healthy and free lives.

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