PTSD and Anxiety Eraser

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Finally! Relief from PTSD and Anxiety with the PTSD Eraser!


PTSD Eraser ReliefThe PTSD Eraser is a quick, 12 minute long, audio process that brings you relief from the uncomfortable emotions associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It uses Energy Psychology techniques that focus on healing the energy body that was damaged by the trauma and the emotions associated with that injury. You focus solely on the energy sensation in your body without need to recall or relive disturbing events. In this process, while you are guided through the healing of your energy body, you will also learn how to do this process for yourself anytime and anywhere for any disturbing emotions. As you repeat this process when needed,your energy body and emotions will clear and heal.

The PTSD Eraser can be used for PTSD, or any strong emotion from a traumatic past and is also extremely effective for anxiety.

The PTSD Eraser was formerly an iPhone APP that was downloaded by thousands of people and has proven to be highy effective.



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It should be called Stress Eraser, as anyone experiencing that chest tightening feeling of extreme stress, whether PTSD or not, would be transformed listening to this short guided exercise. I felt a complete and immediate return to joy after doing this each time I use it. jt

After listening to the PTSD Eraser I feel quite calm and peaceful. New memories come up and they pass and I can tell I am releasing some of this energy for good. I find it very effective and would highly recommend it. lw

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Best thing to help ever

Really, just download this & use it. Peace to you!


One of the best apps I have on my mobile device.

So happy thank you!!

This is a wonderful tool. It has really helped me so much with my PTSD symptoms. The personal support via email is wonderful. This woman truly wants to help you with the healing process. I feel a lot better after using this app. I started using it every day and now I only need to use it on occasion.

3 time Iraq war veteran

This app gives me peace when unexpected and uncontrollable stress, fear, anxiety, and panic hit me. Thank you so much for sharing your gift…

Anxiety soother…

This app helped sooth my anxiety and gave me a tool/trick to use in the moment when I am feeling stressed by softening and releasing negative emotions.

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How Does It Work?

Human emotions are movements in the human energy body (E-nergy in Motion) which are felt in the physical body.  They are the feedback system for the energy body, just as physical pain is the feedback system for the physical body. We all have energy bodies that are originally flowing and vibrant, but when a severe or chronic trauma is experienced, it’s like an energetic explosion within you.  Your energy body can’t process it and becomes overloaded, the energy is very disturbed and the energy body is damaged.  The energy becomes stuck and cannot flow. It is energy’s nature to flow, so when it becomes blocked, we feel it as difficult emotions and uncomfortable sensations.  The location of the physical sensation that you feel in your body is the exact place where the disturbance in the energy system is located. This energetic injury can be healed and restored.

It is not necessary to relive or dwell on the traumatic event or story causing the distress. In fact, repeating the cause just reinforces the stress. We focus solely on the energy sensation itself in the present moment to help it release and allow it to flow again.

The PTSD Eraser also works on any anxiety or stress issue!

Join the many people who have found relief!

Only $9.95

All purchases have a money-back guarantee!




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