Radiant Circuits: The Energies of Joy

Wherever the radiant energies move, they bring strength and resilience, joy
and vitality.  These energies are a precious resource, and it is the body ’s
design that they jump to wherever they are most needed. Beyond doing repair
work, these are also primary energies in exhilaration, falling in love,
orgasm, hope, gratitude, rapture, and spiritual ecstasy. Called the “strange
flows ”,“collector meridians ” or “extraordinary vessels ” in Traditional
Chinese Medicine (Gallo,2000), they are not exactly flows, meridians, or
vessels. More like hyper-links on the web, they jump instantly to wherever
they are about to travel, which is one reason the Chinese found them to be
both strange and extraordinary.

Three simple ways of turning on the radiant energies (requiring less than 3
minutes each) are:

“Blow Out and Zip Up.” – When you are feeling tight, depressed, or
overwhelmed  — as if you have become a collector of stress, anger, or
disappointment —stand with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and
take a deep breath in and out. With your next deep inhalation, make fists
and swing your arms up and around until they are high above your head. Then
turn your hands so your knuckles are facing toward you. Bring your fisted
hands down swiftly, opening them as you blow out the accumulated stress with
force. Repeat, and then on the third repetition, move your arms down slowly
and deliberately on the exhale. Next, with a slow deep in-breath, open your
hands, move them in front of your thighs, “zip ” up the front of your body,
to your chin, and on the out-breath, drop your hands back to your thighs.
Zip up again. On the third zip-up, continue your hands straight up through
your face, reach high, look up and stretch to the heavens. Connect with the
radiant energies of the universe.

“Dancing to the Eights.” – Like the double helix of DNA, the figure eight is
one of nature ’s most basic patterns. Weaving your energies in figure eight
curves activates the radiant energies and brings the body into greater
health and vitality. Put on music and move your hips to a figure eight, then
your arms. Flow freely, moving your entire body and creating as many small
and large figure eight patterns as feels good to you.

“Butt in the Air.” – On its own, or after you have blown out your stress and
zipped up and weaved your radiant energies, this exercise is a peaceful,
relaxing way of further cultivating a more radiant presence. Kneel down on
all fours, with your knees on the floor, push back so your butt is resting
on your heels, and bring your hands by your sides as you gently lower your
head to the ground.  If, and only if, it is comfortable to move your body
and your head forward and lay your face to one side so your butt can go
higher, do so, resting like a baby. Hold this position for about two or
three minutes.
Use the time to meditate, contemplate on a positive thought or image, or
just let your mind go.

By Donna Eden and David Feinstein



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