Renew and Revitalize

Relaxing on Beach

If you are feeling stressed, tired, blocked, frustrated and gnarly,

A mini-vacation centering in your heart may be just what you need

  • You will let go of anything you don’t need and replace it with joy and enthusiasm
  • Heal issues that are holding you back
  • Surround and fill yourself with vibrant energy, renewing every cell
  • Each time you use it, receive a gift from Spirit to help you with any problem
  • Allow your body to find balance, strength, healing and harmony
  • Shed negativity and reset yourself for positive outcomes
  • You deserve a break – 20 minutes is all it takes

Remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience in the outer world or a real experience in your inner world. So, as far as you body and subconscious is concerned, you HAVE been soaking up the warm sun on a secluded beach being renewed by the sound of the waves, and refreshed by the warm sand under your feet and the magical tide pools filled with gifts.

Beach BreakRenew and Revitalize is designed to help you relax deeply in a short amount of time so you can clear, recharge and renew your day. You will be guided to a beautiful seashore on a perfect day and clear out any negativity while taking in new, revitalizing energy.

  • Renew, Reset, Refresh and Revitalize
  • Dissolve Stress
  • Heal Your Energy
  • Reset after a hard day at work or during a difficult day
  • Receive Inspiration to Help Your with Problems

All in 20 minutes! Perfect for commuting on bus, train or carpool (if you’re not driving)!

A mini-vacation that can reset your day, every day

Immediate Download/Money-back Guarantee

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