Western Prophecy and Native American Prophecy

The Difference Between Western Prophecies And Native American Prophecies

–by Ira Kennedy

There is a remarkable difference between Western prophecies and those of native peoples. When Western prophets see into the future they envision Armageddon. The end of the world. When native prophets look down that same path they see the completion of a great cycle. A change of worlds.

The reason for these vastly different views is found in the way time is experienced. In the West time is history. There is a past, a present, and a future; a beginning, a middle, and an end. Like a stick. Native peoples experience time as a cycle. There are four stages, such as the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Like a hoop. Each stage is a preparation for the next. At the center of the hoop is a still timelessness; the eternal present around which the cycles revolve. The visions of native prophets occur at that center point from where the cycles of change can be seen. There is no end.…

Like a dormant tree enduring winter, the Indian's respect for the earth, their desire to live in harmony with nature, lives still, waiting to bloom again in the next world cycle. Only by honoring Mother Earth, Indian shamans tell us, can we avert disaster. We have their example and their prophets to guide the human family into the new world. We are one with all creation.


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