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Pamela A Turner, M.Ed.

SaveBegin Within was created over ten years ago in order to provide tools and support for your self-empowerment and authenticity. My passion throughout life has always been personal growth and the spiritual path. I had a lot of issues to deal with from my childhood and wanted to know what is going on??  Why is everyone the way they are and behaving in ways that didn’t align with who they really were.  I felt like I was constantly tripping over myself, making a little progress, then falling back. I blamed myself for everything. I was a strong empath and intuitive, but didn’t know it. I was constantly picking up other people’s energy and thinking it was mine. It was confusing, frustrating and painful. I wanted to know what was going on… with me, and with other people I saw suffering. So… I studied… and I found some very good teachers.

With time, lots of work, and healing, I decided to share what I learned and help others on their journey of healing and awakening. Begin Within was born in 2010 and is still growing. I am very focused on your Self-Empowerment. I’ve made many processes, guided meditations and other products so you can have the ability to help yourself on your path. I am available for coaching and guidance and I want you to Love yourself, Free Yourself and Be Yourself. You can do this. You are stronger, more amazing and more powerful than you think.  I hope you find inspiration, guidance and support here and hope that we can all help each other to be free and live in peace and love on this beautiful planet.

I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology, am a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming,  and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I also studied Intuition, Huna Shamanism, Energy Healing, and Animal Communication. I use my skills and experience to help you live in your self-empowered authenticity.
Thank you for visiting Begin Within. I hope you benefit from my work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and suggestions.

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