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Guided MeditationsNot all guided meditations are created equal – these combine the power of self-hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, guided imagery and brain entrainment together for the most  powerful and relaxing experience possible. Beautiful backgrouGuided Meditationsnd music, sound effects and the latest brain wave entrainment technology to ease you into a relaxed state!
(Do not use while driving or doing anything else that requires your outer focus)
Guided Meditations All meditations are in MP3 format so you can easily place them on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
Guided MeditationsEach process is approximately 20 minutes long, just the right length for your busy day. Perfect for commuting (if you’re  not driving!)

Guided Meditations and Processes

To make these products available to more people during the COVID-19 pandemic, all products are on a Name Your Own Price basis.

Healing ToolsPTSD Relief is a quick, 12 minute long, audio process that brings you relief from the uncomfortable emotions and anxiety. This process has helped thousands all over the world …. Read More Healing ToolsYour subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience in the outer world or a real experience in your inner world. This meditation is designed to help you relax deeply in a short amount of time so you can  … Read More
Healing ToolsYou don’t have to stand by feeling helpless during the intense earth changes we are going through. This powerful process will focus and intensify your healing intent along with…Read More Healing ToolsHo’oponopono is a beautiful gift to yourself, to clear and heal your inner world, to stop tripping over yourself,  to clear and release inner blocks and charges, and…Read More
Loving YourselfI love this beautiful meditation. It allows you to heal and give yourself the love that you need using powerful neurolinguistic programming techniques and suggestions. There is a deep sense of well-being when the innermost part of you finally gets the love it missed growing up. You will feel a shift after one use ….Read More Inner PeaceThe Inner Peace Process is a two-part system utilizing modern psychological change technology with ancient proven techniques to provide one highly effective, exceptional product that quickly teaches you how to calm your mind anytime you need peace, calm and focus.   Read More
Healing Hot SpringsTake a walk deep into your subconscious mind where true change happens and connect with the most powerful healing energies on earth as you relax. Healing happens when you are focused and relaxed. This guided meditation will take you to your ideal healing space… Read More Night and DayNight & Day is a life-changing self-hypnosis process that helps you fall asleep, and enjoy a deep refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. While you are deeply relaxed falling asleep and in a highly receptive state, you will also receive suggestions to ……Read More
Anger DefuserThe Anger Defuser is a short process that discharges your anger using Energy Healing techniques before it becomes explosive. You will be clearer and able to see other ways to deal with the situation that made you angry in the first place…Read More The Habit Eraser is a complete 6 day program that makes  breaking a habit effective and fun. For 5 days you will do fun and easy written exercises and processes. On the 6th day you, rather than being a person…. Read More