Ego or Soul? Solutions to Life’s Difficult Problems

Ego or Soul in Times of Stress

When you are facing stress, insecurities, fear and doubts, difficult decisions and all the other challenges life throws at you, do you choose your ego or soul to lead the way? Did you know that your heart has the simplest, most loving solution that will benefit all?

personal freedomOur first reaction when challenged Is to go to the mind and try to figure things out and find a solution. That is great, but the mind has a limited perspective and is ego-driven. The ego tries so hard, but it is limited. That means that whatever you come up with will be limited. It might work in the short term, but it won’t be the best solution. Fear and doubt creep In and make you wonder if you’re doing the right thing. The ego gathers all its information from the past so memories start to run through your mind and provide evidence of past mistakes. Soon, your mind is filled with questions, chatter, and worry. Not quite the solution you were searching for, is it?

The truth is, your mind and the stress it creates can be blocking the true answers that you need. As hard as it might be, because the ego is a master of distracting you, the best solution is to go to your heart. This is where your love, wisdom and power reside. This is your connection to your soul that has an unlimited perspective and embodies the infinite love, abundance, and grace of the Universe. This is where your guides and angels can connect with you. Your heart will show you the path of least resistance to the best possible outcome for all involved. You will get signs that you are on the right path instead of resistance and worry.

Now who would you rather have on your team? Ego or Soul?

Who is Driving the Bus?

Ego or SoulSo, how do you do this? When you see yourself tangled in thoughts that aren’t serving you, when the ego goblin has the wheel and is careening down the road without a destination, stop. Take a deep breath. This immediately puts you back in the driver’s seat. Pull the breath into your heart and say three things you are grateful for in life. Gratitude is love and opens your heart quickly. Just FEEL how good it feels to be in gratitude. Slow down your breath. As your breathing slows, your thoughts slow. Surrender all those thoughts that had you scrambling around and just FEEL your connection to infinite love, wisdom and power. This is who you really are. Ask for help with your problem.

Then, grateful that the answer is coming to you, go about your day in your heart, appreciating, approving, anticipating goodness. When centered in your heart, inspiration will come to you as your mind quiets and you relax. You don’t have to go desperately looking for it. The best thing is, when you find your answer, you will KNOW it. You don’t have to invite ego back in to judge it and start the worry train again, you will just KNOW.

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