Everything Begins Within

What Happens When You Begin Within

Begin WithinWe all go within all the time – daydreaming, talking to ourselves, imagining…mostly talking to ourselves. Isn’t that a funny thing! What are you going to tell yourself that you don’t already know? But we have endless advice for ourselves, arguments with ourselves, judgments and criticisms of situations and people, plans to control everything and do wonderful things that go awry then we beat on ourselves.  We can imagine anything, talk in different voices and tell ourselves jokes and laugh! We can  make ourselves happy or sad, excited or depressed just by changing our inner voice and its stories and images. We can have deep inner beliefs we are totally unaware of that dictate our reality….and they can be changed!

What Begin Within is all about is going within on purpose, with intention, to explore beliefs and assumptions that govern our behaviors, connect with our subconscious and Higher Self, our guides, for inspiration, to heal….well, there’s alot you can do.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can do when you Begin Within with purpose:


  • Connect with your subconscious and find out what’s going on in there
  • Connect with your guides for insights, inspiration and guidance
  • Connect with your True Self and be Who you truly are, live your life’s purpose, create your life
  • Connect with the world: on the inner planes we are all connected, all the energy is one, all energy is here right now
  • Receive signs to help you navigate life
  • Align to your Authenticity


  • Heal yourself: change beliefs, change your history, change your timeline, change your programming, change your experience of life
  • Connect with your body and discover its needs and why it’s sick
  • Heal your body, heal your past, heal your issues
  • Heal your relationships
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Heal others with distance healing


  • Master your inner states and call them up when you need them
  • Align yourself to attract only goodness, abundance and love
  • Manifest your dreams – Everything begins within
  • Create new models and strategies that work better for you
  • Create more clarity for yourself


  • Increase your energy
  • Clear your blocks
  • Change your perceptions
  • Free yourself from illusions and projections
  • Change your submodalities (how your subconscious stores memories)
  • Stop those annoying habits
  • Transform fear into love
  • Heal your inner child
  • Integrate your ego


  • Discover your metaphors and archetypes
  • Discover other planes of existence
  • Discover your past lives
  • Discover your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Discover your chakras and inner energy
  • Discover the silence and peace within you always
  • Discover your Oneness with all life
  • Discover Who you really are and become enlightened!

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