Freeing Yourself with Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono means to make things right – to correct wrongs with your relationships, including yourself. It is a beautiful process of clearing and forgiving that can set your free from many troubles, past regrets, problems with people in your life, sorrows you carry around and negativity you maintain with yourself. Ho’oponopono is a Huna technique. Huna is a very ancient system of knowledge that dates back thousands of years, to some of the earliest teachings we know of on Earth. For years it remained a secret, and as such the teachings have been kept very pure. Today, Huna teachings are available for everyone’s benefit, one of the most beneficial being the teachings of Ho’oponopono.

The energy of everyone you have known and everything you have done resides within you. This energy affects your behavior now. It’s part of the filter and belief system that makes up your perception. For instance, if you have been carrying around guilt and a belief that you are not good at intimate relationships because of an event in the past, that energy and those beliefs affect all your intimate relationships now and maintain the perception that your can’t be successfully intimate. Even when opportunities in life arise where you can be close to another, you may push them away or misperceive their actions because of the energy you still carry with you.  In the process of ho’oponopono, you clear that energy and make right what you have been carrying around with you as a wrong. Consequently, you see a great improvement in your current relationships. It’s like clearing away a fog that prevents you from seeing life as it really is.

The art and science of h’oponopono is deep. The true authority on ho’oponopono is Morrnah Simeona (1913 – 1992) was a native hawaiian kahuna whoadapted the traditional Ho’oponopono to today’s times and realities.

One Process of Ho’oponopono

You always do inner work by relaxing and breathing deeply first, take a few deep breaths and feel yourself starting to relax.

1. Bring to mind anyone, past or present, or even a version of yourself that you are out of alignment with, that isn’t ‘right’.

2. Imagine a small stage in your inner mind. You are up in the balcony looking down. Now picture a person, even yourself at a younger age, standing on the stage. Ask the person if it is OK to heal and correct what is wrong. Getting their permission is important so you are in alignment.

3. Now imagine an infinite source of love and healing flowing from above the top of your head and open yourself to allow the source of love and healing flow down inside your body, filling you and overflowing out of your heart to heal the person down on the stage. A beam of beautiful, healing light. I prefer violet light since it represent the energy of freedom and forgiveness.

4. When you feel the healing is complete, talk to the person and forgive them. Have them forgive you. Ask your Higher Self, God, Goddess, Universe, whatever you call it, for all negative memories and blocks be released now and forever. This is important since it aligns your conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds.

5. Next, bless the person and watch them happily floating away – free. As they do, imagine an energy cord that cut connects the two of you and cut that cord. If you are working on a relationship in your present life, new cords that are stronger and more positive will be created by you and the other person, so go ahead and cut the old ones.

6.   In some cases, you will find you need to repeat this process many times. The final test is when you can think of this person or your younger self and not feel negativity.

Ho’oponopono is very successfully used in family therapy sessions in which relationships are set right through authentic communication and mutual respect, prayer,  and mutual forgiveness. If you would like to learn more about Ho’oponopono, I suggest studying the work of Morrnah N. Simeona, who has brought this process to us with clarity, purity and love. More excellent and authentic information can be found at


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