Happiness is Within You

Most of us spend a lifetime chasing down happiness…and it somehow is so elusive. I’ll be happy when I graduate, I’ll be happy when I’m married, I’ll be happy when we have a house, I’ll be happy when my bills are paid, etc. Even when we achieve a goal, there is always another one.

Now, here is the beauty of Begin Within. Happiness is always inside of you. It is always there, but gets covered up by other emotions. All of these emotions are triggered by what’s going on outside of you, but the happiness, love, joy or any other emotion resides inside… all the time. You can wait for something outside of you to trigger happiness, or you can take command and trigger it yourself. You subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s going on outside your mind or inside your mind. If you imagine a time when you were happy, or imagine what it would be like to be on that vacation, or get that new car, or be in love, or anything else that makes you feel happy, you will trigger it. Happiness will well up inside of you.

So, try this. Take a few deep breaths. This does a few things: 1) it gets your subconscious’ attention. You subconscious is usually in charge or breathing so when you take charge of it, you get its attention, and 2) it relaxes you. All inner work depends on being relaxed. When you relax, you open and your energy flows. Very important.

Now, think of something that makes you happy. Feel it with all your senses like you’re are really there and it’s really happening. You will start to feel happy. It’s an energy in your body combined with a story you are telling yourself. Expand it. Make it more and more powerful. Now, tell yourself “Everytime I do this exercise I will feel more and more happiness faster and faster.”

We forget that we are in charge of our feelings. Happiness is inside you all of the time, just waiting for you to focus on it! When you are happy from your inner place,  you radiate happiness. There is no fear that it will be taken from you. It is authentic. It is real.

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