Healing Hot Springs

The Most Powerful Healer Lies Within You!

Inner HeaingTake an empowered part in your healing process as you join forces with your subconscious and Highest spiritual energies to heal and balance.

Your subconscious mind is in control of your entire body. It knows how to heal. It knows how to alert your brain to make any biochemical it needs.

Healing happens when we are relaxed and focused!

Think of a lemon. Imagine cutting it open and the juices fly and drip onto your hand. You lift the lemon to your mouth… are you salivating? The lemon was in your imagination, but your body still responded as if it were real. Your subconscious mind believes and responds to the images and directives you send it.

This guided meditation will relax you deeply, then guide your awareness and focus to deep healing. It engages your body’s innate healing ability right down to the cellular level.

This guided meditation was created using very powerful metaphors that your subconscious understands. You will be taken to your own private inner garden where you soak in a healing hot springs that is energetically connected to all the healing spots on earth. You will relax, rejuvenate, direct your own healing, and open to healing energy and advice from your highest powers.

You can feel the healing happening deep within you!

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