Changing Your World and Yourself for the Better

awakeningSometimes the simplest techniques are the most powerful and most profound. This is certainly true of the technique of blessing.  It invokes the positive power of the Universe to heal, harmonize, and increase. This is a Huna technique called Pomaika’i that can you can use for health, prosperity, happiness and success. Though simple, it has the power to totally change your life.

Blessing is simply giving positive recognition to something or someone. You can do this through:


Appreciation: “Thank you for your help.” “I give thanks for the warmth of the sun!” “I am grateful for my improving health.”


Affirmation: “I bless the abundance in my life.” I bless the goodness of my grandmother.” “I bless the generosity of people giving to this cause.”


Admiration: “What a beautiful tree!” “I love your hair!” “I really like the summer breeze.” “I love swimming. It feels so good!”


Anticipation: “We’re going to have a great time on our trip!” “I wish you a Happy Birthday.” “Tonight is going to be amazing!”


Blessing is very powerful for several reasons:

  • Energy follows thought, so whatever you put your focus on increases in yourself or in your life.
  • When you bless, you extend your energy outward which allows more Divine Power to come through you.
  • You are sending positive, healing energy to the object of your blessing
  • What you bless in others actually increases the same quality in yourself.
  • When you are blessing, you are raising your vibration to a very high level and connecting with your Source energy.
  • Blessing also puts you in the present moment, in the place of your power
  • Blessing harmonizes you with your environment as you feel your natural love coming through

As you go through your day, remember to bless. The more you do it, the more of the same kind of energy you attract. You become a magnet for all the goodness you are recognizing in the world.  It becomes more and more of a habit. If you choose one thing in particular to bless, for instance, prosperity or health, you will very quickly see positive changes, and even miracles in your life. But remember also that negative criticism is the opposite and cancels out the blessing. So, it is important to stop criticizing, doubting, blaming and anticipating the worst. Change immediately to blessing if you find yourself doing this, and please, don’t forget to bless yourself, too!

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