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How to Connect Your Head and Heart

Connect Your Head and HearetCan you feel the difference between struggling, grasping and pushing at life or just being in the zone where everything flows and just comes to you? The first one is driven by the ego which expresses itself through your left brain. It is managing, controlling, logical and information-oriented. When you are in the flow, you are guided by the soul which expresses itself through your heart and right brain. It is creative, inspiring, intuitive and feeling-oriented.  When driven by the ego, you are a “human doing”. You have to finish the task list. You have to be everything to everyone. You don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, pay attention to your needs, to listen to others or sometimes, even be nice.  You have to push yourself constantly and you end up stressed out and exhausted. That’s because you are using so much energy trying to manage and control and because you are not nourishing yourself. Your mind pushes your feelings and needs aside and you are out of balance.

When you are in your zone and centered in your soul, you are a “human being”. You are in a creative, inspired, intuitive place, allowing more joy, gratitude, ease, and fun into your life. Life seems to flow since you are aligned with your Source energy. You are in your heart, allowing life to flow through you with all of its magic and gifts.

We often think we have to stop our thoughts in order to be in our hearts. Wouldn’t it be nie to have the best of both worlds? To feel connected and in the flow while you continue to accomplish your to-do list? To have your mind and heart work together. You can.

How you feel during your day is just as important as what you accomplish

In fact, your predominant Connect Your Mind and Heartfeeling during the day is what sets your vibration and your point of attraction. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed (too much ego), just stop and take a deep breath. Interrupt that pattern of forcing and controlling. Remember what you are grateful for in life, think of happy moments, think of a cute animal, use your senses and feel the air on your skin, notice sounds around you, any smells. Your awareness has now shifted to the present moment and is more grounded in peace and your heart. Now go back to your task at hand in a more aligned way. You will accomplish more, be more creative, receive more insights, and at the same time, be attracting more goodness and success into your life. You are not rejecting your feelings. You are not rejecting your mind. You are just including both in the process of living.

Let your emotions guide you

When you feel stress, overwhelm, pressure and frazzled, it’s time to take a breath and invite your heart into your day. You are also including both the masculine and feminine energies to work together, harmoniously, in your life, too. It is a balanced state and you will find can be productive and peaceful at the same time.