How to Quickly Raise Your Vibration

Here is a quick technique that you can do anywhere and anytime when you notice yourself caught up in negative feelings and thoughts. If you’re a Law of Attraction fan, then you’ll really love how quickly this raises your vibration. Even if you’re not, you’ll really enjoy the feeling of peace and joy that takes the place of all those downers you were experiencing.

1) Focus on your heart area. Just gently put your attention there. If you wish you can place your hand over your heart as a focus point.

2) Start ‘piko piko’ breathing. Piko is the Huna word for ‘center’, the chakra or energy centers of your body. No matter what’s going on inside you, it’s all energy, so we will begin to shift you up. Focus on the crown chakra at the top of your head as you inhale gently. Nothing special, just a nice easy long breath and gently focusing your attention on the top of your head. Then as you exhale, focus your attention on your heart center. Do this several times just breathing easily into your heart.

3) Think of something that is happy and loving  for you. It can be a favorite memory, or you can use your imagination and create something new. As you continue to breathe fill in the details of the memory with all your senses and bring up the feelings of love and joy.

You should now be in a much better place. Remember that you always have a choice about what you are thinking and feeling. You are the master of yourself and you can choose how to feel right now, in the present moment. You are empowered.

Bright Blessings!

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