Huna Ha Breathing

gather energy breathIt takes energy to heal and grow. You can do the homework and exercises, but if you don’t have the energy changes can happen slower than you want. It’s important to keep your energy up and there’s lots of ways to do that. Exercising, avoiding sugar, drugs and alcohol, listening to uplifting music, volunteering, meditation and prayer, avoiding the nightly news, reading good books, yoga, playing with your kids and pets. All of these will raise your vibration, but if you want a power fix, and you want to create a large surcharge of vital force, or mana, and really give your dreams and healing a boost, then a very powerful way is to do the Huna Ha Breathing Technique.


Also, while you are gathering mana, you are also enjoying all the benefits of deep breathing: relaxing, centering, clearing the mind, releasing endorphins, moving your lymph and eliminating toxins, strengthening your immune system, sending oxygen to every cell of your body, energizing and even raising your metabolism. How could you not be doing something that is so easy and so good for you everyday?


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