Magnificent you!

One reason I like Huna so much, is that it offers such a beautiful understanding of our psycho-spiritual nature. Long, long before Freud  discovered his subconscious mind, Huna knew exactly what it was, how to communicate with it, how to program it, how to get it to do your bidding. Huna also understood that there is a Higher Self as well, something modern psychology is just starting to grasp. Huna has its roots in the oldest spiritual traditions known on Earth.

Huna means ‘secret’. Thousands of years ago, as the wise elders saw that this wisdom was in danger of being lost, they ‘hid’ the Huna code in the Hawaiian language as Hawaii was a very remote and isolated region. Today, Huna is no longer secret and we can benefit from its love, wisdom and power. It belongs to the Earth and is very pure since it was untouched by dogma and error for thousands of years.  So, let’s take a look at the amazing human according to one of the most ancient teachings of the planet.

According to Huna,  every human is made up of three selves:  a subconscious self, a conscious self and a Higher Self.  The subconscious, or unconscious, exerts a powerful influence on your life. It is in charge of your bodily functions, your emotions, all of your memories from this life and others, holds your instincts, beliefs, programming, habits, intuition, and psychic abilities. It controls your perceptions and decides, out of all the millions of bits of information is receives on a constant basis, which ones are presented to your conscious awareness. How powerful is that?  Your subconscious is constantly communicating with your conscious mind through hunches, dreams, intuition, imagination, feelings, symbols, sensations and slips of the tongue, but our society has not put a high value on this type of communication so we often ignore or dismiss it.

The conscious self is the thinking, rational part of you. We are all very familiar with it. It is the logical, thinking mind that analyzes and figures things out. But, another function of the conscious mind, which is often neglected, is to give direction to the subconscious. Your subconscious looks to your conscious mind for direction. Another great talent of the conscious mind is to imagine, to bring in ideas and energy and translate them into action in the physical world. Amazing.

Your Higher Self is your spiritual Self, infinite, all-knowing, all-loving, connected to everything and everyone everywhere, ready to guide you and closer than your own breath.  Because of free will, your Higher Self will not interfere in your life unless you ask. Then, you will be supported fully with an abundance of ideas, energy, synchronicities and knowledge to carry out any desire. The biggest problem we have here is with our conscious mind, the part of us we are habitually identified with, not asking, or asking then doubting, trying to do it with our ego self and getting in the way. I learned once that prayer is when you ask, meditation is when you listen, but we are always giving our Higher Self a busy signal.

You are all this.  All this magnificence in you! Look in the mirror and realize this truth. Look at each other – your family, the homeless person on the street, the boss who drives you crazy, the rich, the poor, the old,  the children. This is who we are – hugely magnificent!   Imagine what your life would be like if you, all three selves of you, worked in harmony.

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