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  • Healing Hot Springs

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    This guided meditation was created using very powerful metaphors that your subconscious understands. You will be taken to your own private inner garden where you soak in a healing hot springs that is energetically connected to all the healing spots on earth. You will relax, rejuvenate, restore harmony down to the cellular level and open to healing energy and advice from your highest powers.

  • Stress Relief Reset Your Day

    Renew and Revitalize

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    This meditation is designed to help you relax deeply in a short amount of time so you can clear, recharge and reset your day. You will be guided to a beautiful seashore on a perfect day and clear out any negativity while taking in new, revitalizing energy and receiving inspiration and guidance.

  • Sale! heal the planet

    Heal the Earth

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    This powerful guided meditation offers you the opportunity to channel your highest and most powerful healing energies to the planet to heal and restore balance. Focus on any place, person, event, or area of need and join with cosmic forces to send healing and balance to that area of focus.

  • Quit Your Habit

    The Habit Eraser

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    Break that habit now! For 5 days you will do fun and easy written exercises and processes. On the 6th day you, rather than being a person with the habit trying to quit, you will be a person without the habit enjoying your new freedom. This is a very powerful program that uses techniques from psychology, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis in order to create the change you want in a fast, easy but permanent way. It’s a fun program that won’t take up too much of your time, but will bring you the results you want.

  • Night & Day

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    Night & Day is a life-changing self-hypnosis process that helps you fall asleep, and enjoy a deep refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. While you are deeply relaxed falling asleep and in a highly receptive state, you will also receive suggestions to help you enjoy the next day to the fullest to feel optimistic, grateful, flowing and resourceful as you go through your day. It pre-paves your day!

  • Loving Yourself

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    You don’t need to depend on other people or food, drugs, alcohol, or other means outside of you to make you feel better. Only you giving yourself the love that you need heals and fills the void and finally heals you. This meditation uses the powerful techniques to give yourself the love you didn’t get when you were a child. The more you use it, the more you heal. You won’t have to go through life feeling unappreciated, or worse, trying to fill the hole in your heart with outside stimulus or substances.

  • Ho'oponopono


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    Ho’oponopono is an ancient Huna process that has been successfully used for thousands and thousands of years. It brings balance and peace to your life by restoring harmony to the energies and memories that trouble you. Heal yourself, heal relationships, heal events and places.

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