The Habit Eraser

Now Quitting a Habit Can Be Fun and Painless!

A habit is created by repeating behavior and establishing a pattern of that behavior in your mind. You mind loves patterns since they are easy to follow and use up less energy. Changing a habit is as easy as creating a new pattern that your mind will love instead of resist.

The Habit Eraser™ is a 5-day program of written and audio exercises that will let you to end your habit once and for all. Through these easy and fun exercises, you will gradually and effectively take the power away from your old habit allowing it to just fall away while you get stronger and stronger.

Why is the Habit Eraser™ so Easy and Effective?

  • The Habit Eraser™ uses the most powerful techniques available from neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis and brain entrainment technology, combined into one highly effective program to create lasting change quickly and easily.
  • It is equivalent to several sessions with a practitioner of neurolinguistic programming valuing hundreds of dollars, who would only work on ONE habit. You can use The Habit Eraser over and over again on any habit for the rest of your life!
  • The Habit Eraser™ takes you from your habit to quitting in 5 days with written exercises to get to the root of the habit and audio processes that reprogram your mind while gradually taking the power away from your old habit and giving it back to you.

What makes the Habit Eraser so™ Powerful?

  • The Habit Eraser™ uses multiple approaches to change the energy and programming of the old habit to release it and allow it to be replaced by a new reward habit of your choice.
  • Neurolinguistic Programming is a very powerful change technology. It is used by Tony Robbins and others who want to create rapid, lasting change. Its techniques are easy and fun, yet speak directly to the subconscious mind which holds the habit in place.
  • A habit is an unconscious behavior with the energy and programming of the habit held by the subconscious mind. In order to quit your habit, it is necessary to communicate with the subconscious and get its cooperation, otherwise you will most likely start up your habit again. The Habit Eraser™ makes sure your subconscious is happy and eager to make the change, creating a new behavior of your choice to take the place of the old unwanted behavior.
  • Brain entrainment used in the Habit Eraser audio processes gently changes your brain waves to be more receptive to change and is effective in releasing the old energy patterns.

When You're Tired of Trying and Trying and Just Want to Quit for Good

The Habit Eraser™ was created by Pamela Turner, M.Ed., C.Ht. who holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming. She is also the founder of Begin Within.

“Thank you so much! I can’t believe how easily my old habit just fell away.” – RJ

“Never thought I’d say this, but quitting was actually fun!” – SO

“The exercises were fun and easy. I was actually excited to quit and it made the process painless!” – IM

“This really helped me to see my habit clearly and I could feel the energy shift. It made my habit  conscious and gave me the tools to really quit for good! It’s been six months now!” – EB

The Habit Eraser™ is available for immediate download and consists of an Adobe pdf workbook (also a .rtf file in case you don’t have Adobe Reader) and high quality audio processes in MP3 format for your convenience so you can copy them over to your MP3 player or cell phone.


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