Heal the Earth

You Don't Have to Stand by Feeling Helpless

Mystics knew  it, physics has proven it – we are all connected energetically.

Disasters, weather, politics, epidemics, places, individuals, groups, whatever you chose to focus upon will benefit from your intensified healing energy.  Your Focused Energy DOES Make a Difference!

This powerful guided meditation offers you the opportunity to channel your highest and most powerful healing energies to the planet to heal and restore balance.

You will be able to direct your energies to any disaster or trouble areas or person that you want to heal and raise.

You will join in other with like-minded beings both on this plane and in the spiritual plane.

  • You will call upon your highest spiritual energies, guides and angels to assist you.
  • Use the process on disasters, weather, individuals or groups, countries and locations, and more!
  • Use this process with friends and like-minded people to increase the healing energy even more!
  • Create a healing circle in times of trouble.

The Earth Needs You NOW!


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