Your subconscious is the key to changing your experience.

Night & Day is a powerful self-hypnosis process that helps you fall asleep, and enjoy a deeply refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. While you are fully relaxed falling asleep and in a highly receptive state, you will also receive suggestions to help you enjoy the next day to the fullest to feel optimistic, grateful, flowing and resourceful as you go through your day.

Night & Day uses powerful hypnotic suggestions, neurolinguistic programming and brain wave entrainment to help  you deeply relax and achieve this goal.

Imagine how your life would change if you had a good nights sleep every night
and woke up refreshed, excited and positive about each day!

These are the suggestions used in Night & Day that can change your life:

Suggestions for Night:

  • Fall asleep easily
  • Enhance healing as you sleep
  • Sleep all night
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • Balance your system
  • Have good dreams
  • Your mind is peaceful
  • Feeling peace and ease
  • Feeling grateful
  • Deeply refreshing
  • Renewing and revitalizing
  • Your body is happy 
  • Connecting to Highest Energies

Suggestions for the Next Day:

  • Awaken gently, feeling good
  • Smiling, peaceful and excited
  • Optimistic and positive about your day
  • It will feel good to move your body
  • It will feel good to stretch
  • It will feel good to eat in a healthy way
  • A day of nice surprises
  • You wont take things personally
  • Ideas come to you easily
  • A day of love and laughter
  • Enjoying the gifts of life
  • Feeling refreshed & alert
  • Resourceful and flowing
  • You can handle anything