Guided Meditations and Processes

We craft our products with mastery and care, incorporating binaural beats, neurolinguistic programming, energy healing, and hypnotherapy techniques. These products are remarkably potent and capable of inspiring profound change, while still delivering a soothing and calming experience.

  • anger management

    The Anger Defuser

    The Anger Defuser is a short process that discharges your anger using energy healing before it becomes explosive. The anger is a result of your …
  • The Habit Eraser

    Break that habit now! For 5 days you will do fun and easy written exercises and processes. On the 6th day you, rather than being …
  • Inner Peace

    Inner Peace Process

    The Inner Peace Process is a two-part system utilizing modern psychological change technology with ancient proven techniques to provide one highly effective, exceptional process that …
  • Sleep Meditation

    Night & Day

    Night & Day is the revolutionary sleep meditation solution designed to transform your sleep and supercharge your productivity. Experience the power of deep relaxation as …
  • Loving Yourself

    Loving Yourself

    You don't need to depend on other people or food, drugs, alcohol, or other means outside of you to make you feel better. Only you …
  • ho'oponopono


    Ho’oponopono is an ancient Huna process that has been successfully used for thousands and thousands of years. It brings balance and peace to your life …
  • Guided Meditation


    This meditation is designed to help you relax deeply in a short amount of time so you can clear, recharge and reset your day. You …
  • Healing Hot Springs Visualization

    Healing Hot Springs

    Our guided meditation isn't a mere escape; it's a profound discovery of your body's innate healing abilities. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, …
  • Ascension

    Heaven on Earth

    Our guided meditation is not just a session; it's an invitation to actively contribute to the healing and ascension of our beautiful planet. Step into …
  • Self-healing process

    Self-Healing Process

    Experience true relief from the grip of emotional charges with “The Self-Healing Process” – a short audio process designed to bring genuine relief to your …

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