A Quick, Easy Way to Quiet Your Mind



Quiet your Mind

We often find ourselves far from our center, far from our Self, with our thoughts dragging us everywhere but home. It is not only frustrating but stressful, when your mind starts running around like a wild horse and it can be very difficult to stop the run-away process.

So, how to get out of that racing state and get back to your calm center?  How wonderful to be able to quiet your mind when it gets into that repetitive, racing, out-of-control state. Here is a quick way to do this that you can do anytime, anywhere during your day.

This is a very simple technique I developed, but as you will see, it’s very effective and even though it is simple, there is a lot going on to put you in the present moment and relax your racing mind!

The Technique

Start to breathe deeply and slowly.

Create a gentle smile.

Ask yourself, “I wonder what my next thought will be?”

Watch for it and listen.

When the next thought comes up, just acknowledge it, then ask yourself again, “I wonder what my next thought will be?”


Why this technique  works so well!


Breathing slowly and deliberately,:

As your breathing slows down, your mind slows down.

As you relax, you go from beta (left brain dominate state) to alpha, a more relaxed holistic state that connects body, mind and spirit.

You are anchoring the quiet mind state to your deep breathing. As you keep repeating this, it gets easier and easier to quiet your mind because your body remembers what to do when you breathe deeply.

Creating a gentle smile:

When you move your muscles into a smiling position, your body knows this as content or happy. It doesn’t care why you’re smiling, it just recognizes the muscle movement. It responds by releasing endorphins that make you feel calm and happy.

When you ask yourself “I wonder what my next thought will be?”:

You are setting your intent to watch your thoughts, not be them.

You are wondering, just a gentle curiosity that doesn’t create resistance.

You are identifying with your observer, your True Self, just watching in a peaceful, non-judgmental way


You are in the present moment, in your power.

This simple technique is very effective and will bring you inner peace whenever you need it. It’s very useful when you can’t get to sleep or when you want to defuse anger, and the more you practice it, the easier it gets! Let me know how this works for you!

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