Releasing Strong Emotions from Your Past

Emotions are a lot like the weather. They can totally influence any situation, affect your decisions and change your plans…and they contain a lot of energy. That is the important point to remember, emotions are energy.  Often they are connected with past events and emerge when you trigger them. No matter how long ago something happened, if you are still carrying the energy, you are affected by that energy when it gets ‘called up’. That’s the next thing to remember, these energy patterns get triggered by your thoughts. You can be having a great day, then hear a certain song that triggers a thought  “Oh, that reminds me of my divorce!” The next thing you know, like a troll hiding under a bridge and jumping up to block your path, a huge wave of emotions come up filling you with sadness, resentment, anger and feeling powerless. You cancel your dinner plans and go home and eat a carton of ice cream or drink a 6 pack in front of the TV. Wouldn’t it be nice to take control of this pattern and not be a victim to it anymore?


This is done by remembering those two points: emotions are energy and thoughts trigger them. In order to master this, you need to become aware of what is happening and make the subconscious conscious. You can’t really master something that is not conscious. So, the first step is to think about a certain emotion that bothers you and can overwhelm you. For instance, as an example, let’s consider a strong feeling of sadness whenever you start to feel abandoned or rejected. Recognize this emotion and remember how it feels. Now, let it go. Then remember it again. Now let it go. See? You do have control over the energy! Next, think about what you are telling yourself about the emotion. This is your story about it, the thoughts and beliefs that keep it going. Perhaps you say, “Nobody loves me”, “I will always be alone”, “Nobody wants to spend time with me”, “Nobody cares”, etc. When you start thinking these thoughts, it will trigger the emotions and the next thing you know, you’re engulfed in abandonment, low self-esteem and  pain. See how it works?

Watch yourself closely and become very aware of what the story is that you tell yourself.

Remember, that it’s just a bunch of thoughts that you decided to believe at one point in your life, usually when you were too young to consciously choose a better solution. You learned to tell yourself this story. Before this story, you were fine. You can be fine again, by not buying in to the story you tell yourself anymore and telling yourself a new story that works better for you at this stage in your life. Think about some thoughts that would support your now life like, “People do care about me!”, “I can choose a new life with lots of friends if I want”, “I can love myself no matter what anyone else does”, etc. If you are a follower of Law of Attraction, this is a good time to hop on your grid!

Now, the next time that overwhelming emotion comes up, you acknowledge it and say, “Oh, these are just my old abandonment feelings. It is not who I am now.” Feel the energy of the feelings and release that energy. Blow it away with your breath. Feel the energy flowing away.  Say thoughts that support your new way of being, the new you! Fill yourself with the new energy. Energy follows thought. You are dissolving the old energy patterns little by little. You will notice that when the energy gets triggered again, you’ll remember you have a choice to surrender to the energy or to release it. Over time it has less and less of an impact as you create new patterns. What is happening is that you are no longer identifying with the old energy patterns, but choosing a new identity. You are also being the master of your inner world, instead of an unknowing victim! Yay for you!!

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