Self-Healing Healing Process

I created the Self-Healing process to put the power of energy healing in YOUR hands to provide you with relief from pain, stress, PTSD, anxiety, uncomfortable emotions from your past, disease or wounds.

If something is wrong in the physical, mental or emotional body, there is an underlying block in the energy body. This process uses Energy Healing to release that block and allow your energy to flow normally again. This, in turn, relieves the pain, symptoms of disease or trauma, and restores the physical, mental and emotional bodies to their natural, healed state.  It sounds simple, but it WORKS!


How Does The Self-Healing Process Work?


The Self-Healing process uses the power of Energy Healing to restore health and balance to your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Human emotions are movements and feelings in the human energy body, which are felt in the physical body. They are the feedback system for the energy body, just as physical pain is the feedback system for the physical body. We all have energy bodies that are originally flowing and vibrant, but when a severe or chronic trauma is experienced, it’s like an energetic explosion within you, or a block can be created over time through repeated actions and beliefs.

Your energy body can’t process it and becomes overloaded, the energy is very disturbed and the energy body is damaged. The energy becomes stuck and cannot flow. It is energy’s nature to flow, so when it becomes blocked, we feel it as difficult emotions and uncomfortable sensations.

The location of the physical sensation that you feel in your body is the exact place where the disturbance in the energy system is located. This energetic injury can be healed and restored.

In the case of PTSD and anxiety, it is not necessary to relive or dwell on the traumatic event or story causing the distress. In fact, repeating the cause just reinforces the stress. You focus solely on the energy sensation itself in the present moment to help it release and allow it to flow again to find comfort and a sense of well being.

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    Self-Healing Process

    Experience true relief from the grip of emotional charges with “The Self-Healing Process” – a short audio process designed to bring genuine relief to your life. When emotional triggers threaten to overwhelm, this transformative process acknowledges and heals the underlying energy, allowing it to gracefully flow out of your body, freeing you from its dominance.

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