Love Yourself, Raise Yourself and Harmonize with Your Environment

Love YourselfThis is a beautiful process that will shift your energy immediately. Do it whenever you need a boost, feel sad or depressed, anytime you our out of alignment with Who you really are!

If you do this process with consistency it will totally transform your life. Why wouldn’t  it? It is Source power in all Its glory radiating through you.

What it does:

1. This process will raise your vibration

2. If you do this first thing in the morning, it will set your vibration for the day and attract love, harmony and what will seem like miracles to you.

3. It increases your personal energy supply (mana) and personal power.

4. It connects you to your Source energy (which is Love) and aligns you with your Highest energies

5. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and it is your true nature. It heals, harmonizes, and raises everything coming into contact with it. Remember how you feel when you are in love? The world IS a beautiful, magical, exciting, joyful place!

6. It puts you in the present moment in a state of grace and receptivity.

7. It raises your self-esteem and appreciation of life.

How to Do It!



Start by taking a deep breath.

Become aware of yourself, right where you are, in your body.

Say, “I love my body! My body loves me! I love my hair. My hair loves me. I love my eyes that show me theLoe Yourself world, and my eyes love me. I love my nose, mouth and ears and they love me, too. I love my heart. My hearts loves me. I love my lungs that bring oxygen to my body and my lungs love me….”

Well, you’re starting to get the picture. Just go through your entire body loving and being loved. Then spread out to your environment: “I love my chair. My chair loves me! I love my room and my room loves me. I love my family and they love me, too. I love my pets and they love me. I love people, and whether they know it or not, they love me! I love everybody in the grocery store! I love the fresh produce! and they all love me!” etc. as much as you want!

Now move out to the world, countries, the mountains and trees, lakes and rivers, oceans and all the life therein, the clouds, the moon, the sun, even the galaxy and the whole Universe.

End by saying, “I love my Divinity (or God, or Higher Self, or whatever you chose to call it) and my Divinity loves me. I am loved.

I am loved. I am very loved.”

Now, I think you can tell, just by how you feel after reading the instructions how powerful this can be and how easily it puts you into a beautiful state of love and high vibration. Do it anytime throughout the day. Commuting is a great time to do it and it will raise everyone up around you as you radiate all this good energy!


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