Energy Healing

Energy Healingby Serge Kahili King ‘O na mau mo’olelo no ka ‘ike ola Hawai’i – Some Hawaiian healing traditions.   The ancient Hawaiians had some very interesting views about health and healing that are retained in their language. In English, the verb “to heal” in its ancient form means “to restore to wholeness.” And “health” …

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Huna Breathing Techniques

There are four phases to the breath: 1) Inhalation 2) Pause 3) Exhalation and 4) Pause again before your next inhalation. By controlling these phases you can activate and increase different energies to support you in whatever you need to do. As you begin to understand how this works, you will realize how powerful and useful this simple technique can be.

10 Ways to Love Yourself and Overcome a Bad Childhood

You love yourself based on how much you perceived your parents loved you. If it wasn’t enough, then it’s up to you, now, to send love to those empty places within you. You can’t heal by blaming them, repeating the story over and over, or expecting everyone else in your life to make up for …

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Mind Body Healing

The Mind-Body Connection to Conquer Challenges

We all have a physical body, emotional body and mental body and they all influence each other. I’m sure you’ve had the experience where alot of mental stress (mental) makes your irritable (emotional) and exhausted (physical), or when eating too much sugar (physical) and made you feel agitated (emotional) and not thinking straight (mental). There …

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