Take Charge of Your Current and Future Health

Author: Sheila Johnson

Your Health

Almost anything you want to achieve in life connects to your health. If you don’t feel well when you get up and go to work or school, you won’t perform well. Many occupations require good health due to physical and mental demands. Law enforcement, manual labor, military service, and professional sports are all fields that require moving and making sound decisions without delay. Although you may rely on your health care provider to guide you through your wellness journey, it is important that you ask questions when you don’t understand something fully and keep records of your visits.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


The risk for hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and other chronic conditions increases with low physical activity and consuming too much fat, salt, and sugar. Avoid chronic diseases related to inactivity and unhealthy eating habits by eating healthy foods and moving more.



Find Time for Healthy Habits


When you’re working and have other responsibilities like shuttling kids to after-school activities, it can be challenging to eat well and exercise. However, there are strategies to ensure that you consume foods that are good for your body and also add more physical activity to your day.



Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Foods


Keep freshly cut fruits and vegetables in your fridge that are easy to grab when you need a nutrient-dense snack with lots of vitamins and cholesterol-lowering fiber. Melons, grapes, berries, baby carrots, and broccoli offer a nutrition boost when you’ve grabbed fast food on those busy days.


Add Physical Activity to Your Day


Park farther away from building entrances to add steps to your day to burn calories and build muscle. Increasing lean muscle mass helps burn fat even when you’re inactive! Physical activity can also help you manage stress. Walk for a few minutes during your lunch break. Rather than going for that elevator ride, take the stairs. Move during your favorite television show by walking in place during commercial breaks.


Understand Your Health Care Coverage


Health insurance offers advantages that can help you and your health care provider diagnose issues before they become major health problems. Health care coverage allows you to see your doctor regularly and get the treatment you need to stay healthy. You may qualify for a plan under the Affordable Care Act if you have limited income and no coverage. Review your medical bills and compare them to your health insurance claim summaries to avoid hidden charges and overpayments.


Plan for a Healthy Future


It’s not unusual for older adults to move into senior living facilities for additional support. Adults of any age who need major surgery such as a hip or knee replacement might also need more assistance than family members can offer. A 24-hour skilled nursing facility is sometimes the best option for individuals who need extra care. Learn what resources are available and how much they will cost before you need them, regardless of age.


Commit to Better Health


Take small steps to make healthy habits part of your daily routine. Then start planning for your future health needs. Begin Within can help make it easy to set your health goals.

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