Ten Reasons to Love Yourself

loving yourself, self esteemWe all feel down on ourselves sometimes and it hurts. Mostly we are telling ourselves a negative story where we didn’t meet up with our impossible expectations, or we’re re-running some old program that we picked up at a very young age, or we’re just stuck on the doomsday channel. How can you feel good about yourself when you’re beating on yourself? Does it really help you to be a better person or is it really making everything worse? Put an end to it now! See what a difference it makes when you are vibrating at a higher level.

Here are ten good reasons to love and appreciate YOU!

1. You are lovable. You were born lovable and it is your true nature. You had to learn to feel bad about yourself. It isn’t your natural state.

2. You are contagious. When you love yourself, you extend loving energy into the world. A smile and kind words can spread throughout the day and you’ll never really know all the goodness you created from starting that sparkling ripple.

3. You are unique. You are not supposed to be like everyone else or compare yourself to everyone else. Each person is having a unique experience of life. You experience life like no one else! No one else can see and feel what you feel. Life is God’s gift to you – your experience of life is your gift to God.

4. You are always here. People and things will come and go in life but you will always be with you.

5. You are powerful. Your power is in your choices. Feeling love is just a choice away.

6. You are Love. You always have love within you if you look for it and allow it to expand. The more you love, the more love you have. You can bless! What a gift to this world!

7. When you love yourself, you make the world a better place. It is easier to love others, appreciate your life and bless what is. It is healing and nurturing to everyone and everything that lives.

Loving Yourself8. You are a magnet. You attract people and situations vibrating on the same level as you. Loving yourself improves your entire life!

9. You are reading this! You care about yourself, your love, and your world. You care about loving kindness.

10. You are capable of great love, wisdom and power. You’ve had many great moments. Just think of a few right now.

There are many, many more reasons. At least a gazillion, so please ‘comment’ and add your own to share!


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