Testimonials from Beautiful People

“THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART – in fact, words cannot describe my gratitude – I’m therefor at a loss to convey my emotions for what you’ve done for me!”

“You have given me so many great gifts. Priceless gifts.”

“I learn so much in a short time and really it is changing my life.”

“AMAZING tools and I like your calming voice!”

“I just wish I had you as my therapist 20 years ago. I would have been retired, happy, settled and enjoying my life by now!”

“This kicks ass!!!!!! Very impressed, you are gifted with quite a pantheon!”

“I am very glad that my Higher Self brought you into my life.”

“This is one of the best tools there is for deep peace and quieting the mind!”

“Just got results of biopsies – no more cancer, no more dysplasia, no more Barrett’s esophagus.”

“Thank you again for being an angel on this earth – you light up spirits and I’m convinced that’s part of why we’re here, to light up and liberate our spirits, so bless you, Pam.”

“Your words are truly amazing.  You put things in a light that make total sense. I am confident that the combination you offer of intelligence, personal experience, knowledge of your healing art and genuine compassion will help many people!” – DM

“Working with you is like magic. Instead of being a victim of my disease, I feel empowered and have the skills I need to really make a profound change in my health. I am no longer totally at the mercy of someone else. Thank you so much!” –  RT

“I can’t believe the results I’m getting! I wish I had done this months ago, but I’m sure happy I found you now!” –  JK

“This is the most wonderful experience! I can feel my body healing! It is a joy to work with you and to have an active role in my healing process!” – GT


“You’re an angel who’s clearly on this planet to heal others, bless you.”

“I adore your meditations, they really are healing, you have a true gift.”

“I am grateful for your powerful assistance. Thank-you!”

“With your teaching and guidance, I believe that I can turn my life around and be able to release fear and be able to create a wonderful joy filled life doing work that I love to do.”

“I feel internally, that I am finally on track and that you definitely know how to guide and develop me so that I can be happy, healthy and successful.”

“I feel so blessed to be taking this healing journey with you.”

“I can’t tell you how exhilarating it is to finally have hope after all these years.”

“YOU are awesome, the universe loves me to have connected me to you!!!!”

“Thank you! As I have been practicing the techniques and am amazed at how quickly and easily I can clear my mind, eliminate tension and get back to focusing on the now of life”.

“When I was in the blackest moment of my life, you opened whole new doorways to freedom that I could never have had otherwise. It literally saved my life.”

“These treatments neutralized/eliminated the chronic anxiety that I have had throughout my adult life, and allowed me to recover an emotional clarity and simplicity of emotional experience that I possessed as a child. I consider this experience on the miraculous level – both the elimination of anxiety and the cognitive experience.”

“For the first time in 41 years I’m not afraid to be in my own skin. My trauma is more manageable. I am not afraid to go to sleep at night.”

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