The Inner Peace Process

How would you like to be able to take a breath, say the word "Peace" to yourself and instantly quiet your mind and become present?

This easy program consists of three steps. After you have gone through the steps, you will be able to quiet your mind at will, by yourself, anytime, anywhere.


First, you will learn an ancient Huna breathing technique called piko piko breathing that grounds you, centers you and opens you to your highest spiritual energies.


Next, you have a second audio that will allow you to practice the piko piko breathing so it feels comfortable and natural to you. It feels good and you’ll really enjoy this step.


Then, you will learn another ancient Huna relaxing and centering technique called hakalau. At the same time that you are being guided through learning this technique, I will be using subconscious suggestions to anchor the new hakalau state with the piko piko breathing, and guiding your subconscious to trigger both states at the same time whenever you take a deep breath and say the word, ‘peace’. In this way you get the benefits of both states at once, very easily and quickly whenever you wish.


At this point you have everything you need to quiet your mind, ground, center and open yourself to your Highest Spiritual Energies all at once. The third audio allows you to practice and strengthen the process to make it more effective, to reinforce the process if you’ve been away from it for a while, or use it to guide you along when you’re overwhelmed with mental stress and would like the addition of the soothing music to relax you.


As you use the Inner Peace Process and quiet your mind, you’ll also notice your emotions are calmer since they are triggered by your thoughts. If you’re telling yourself an angry, sad or fearful story in your head, you’re going to feel angry, sad, or afraid as long as you keep feeding yourself those thoughts. When you quiet your mind, you stop feeding those emotions so the peace goes deep. Without distracting judgments, programs and filters, your natural state of joy, love and wonder starts to emerge and you find yourself enjoying life more and more. You will also notice that this state encourages intuitive insights, and enhances awareness in the present moment.


Learning the Inner Peace Process will change your life. You will have mastery over your mind and be able to respond to life instead of reacting with subconscious programs that you learned years ago and that no longer server you. If you’re tired of your reactions to life and would rather experience life in a calm, centered, responsive way, the Inner Peace Process is the answer.


It is easy and enjoyable to learn and will relieve stress, increase relaxation and allow you to be centered and calm in the present moment. When you are centered and aware in the present moment, you are in your power and you experience your true joyous nature.


  • Inner Peace

    Inner Peace Process

    The Inner Peace Process is a two-part system utilizing modern psychological change technology with ancient proven techniques to provide one highly effective, exceptional process that quickly teaches you how to calm your mind anytime you need peace, calm and focus.

Quick to learn, but lasts forever

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