Transforming Limiting Beliefs

When an elephant is a baby, to keep it in place, they put a chain on one leg and tie it to a stake in the ground. The little baby elephant tries and tries but can’t break free and soon gives up. When the elephant grows up into huge, powerful animal, it still will stay close to the stake even though he could easily the chain and roam free. Why doesn’t he even try to break loose? Because as a child, he learned that he couldn’t break free and he still believes it.


Your subconscious mind contains all sorts of limiting beliefs that you agreed to at one time or another. Most beliefs that sabotage us we learned when we were  a very young child trying to make sense of the world with very limited experience and knowledge. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody cares”, “I’m can never have what I want”, “I can’t dance”, “I’m stupid”, the list is long, all get implanted early on in life and can continue to exert tremendous force in the background. In fact, if there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious, the subconscious always, eventually wins.


The good thing is we learned these beliefs. We made a decision to believe them. In other words, they are not a permanent part of you that you have to put up with forever. If you made a decision to learn them, then you can also make a decision to unlearn them and agree to something that serves you better at this point in your life.


So how do you do that?


First, honor yourself. You created this belief when you didn’t know what you know now. Give yourself a break and send love to the you that picked this belief up. Have some compassion. Most likely you were young, naive, had limited resources and were hurting emotionally. Tell yourself, “This is only a something that I agreed to believe. It isn’t the truth.”


Second, realize that everything in you is energy. Your memories, your emotional charges, and your beliefs. See how thinking this belief (mental) can bring up a charge (emotional). They’re both energy. So, separate yourself from the story about your belief now, and get into the energy itself. The story is only what you experienced in the past. The energy is what you are dealing with now. The past you can’t change, the energy you can change. What does it look like, feel like, what could you compare it to? Find a symbol that represents this belief. Anything that your subconscious comes up with is right. Your subconscious communicates in images, so find the image of that old belief.


Finally, take that symbol and change it so it represents your new belief. Transform it. Just do whatever you need to change the image to a new, vibrant, empowered image. Notice how your feelings change when you do this.  Find the feeling of having this new belief. Pick a thought that represents the new belief. Decide on one action you can take that proves the new belief is real. Take the thoughts, feelings and actions into your world during the day.  Spend some time doing it, enjoying the transformation, repeating it as necessary, expand it, intensify it, own it until the old image and its underlying belief no longer exist…you have changed.


Your inner world belongs to you and you are the master. One of the principles of Huna is “Now is the moment of Power”. How you got to be the way you are is just a story of the past. The energy within you is there NOW. You have the power to transform it all into  beauty, love, joy and support. And as you change your inner world, your outer world reflects it all back to you.

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  1. Hi, I really got alot out of this post. I tried the technique and really felt a shift. I learned alot. Thank you!

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