What makes you happy?

We all want happiness. We know we want it but in order to achieve it, we need to know what it is; otherwise, how will you know when you have it? Maybe you are already happy and you are just not paying attention to it. You’re paying more attention to what’s not going right, what’s wrong with things, what needs to be changed. The thing is, no matter what we do accomplish, ego is soon after the next golden ring. “Life will be great once I graduate from high school. Life will be great once I get a job. Life will be great once I meet my life’s partner. Life will be great once we have a baby…once we get a house…once we go on vacation…lose some weight…get through this illness…get that raise…”  you get the picture. You can spend your whole life wanting and waiting and then, when you’re done, what you’ll want is to do it over again differently.

So take some time and ponder what makes you happy? how do you know it makes you happy unless you’ve already experienced it? so…you already have it within you. Look for it, savor it, be grateful… and, since you increase in your life whatever you think about the most, the more you focus on what is already creating happiness in your life, the more happiness will come to you.  Appreciate who you already are and what you have already. You may be happier than you think!

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