What You Feel is More Important Than What Others Say

Personal FreedomI am sure you have heard before that it is important to love yourself and here is a good reason why. Your personal vibration, beliefs and inner wounds change the way you experience life.  The more care you take to love yourself and care for yourself, the more you will see the world as a caring and loving place.  

When your subconscious is mad, sad or feeling like a victim, it looks for experiences in the outer world and interprets things to validate that feeling. If you’ve activated your victim beliefs and wounds everyone will be out to get you.  “She really doesn’t like my dress. She’s just saying that so I’ll say something nice back to her.”  If you are in a good, happy mood you would see everything differently. “Oh, isn’t she nice to notice!” Our distortion of reality can even extend to inanimate objects.
Your subconscious will go out of it’s way to find examples of the world treating you poorly. “This computer always messes up when I’m the busiest!” This inanimate object knows when you are the busiest and it even has the intention to frustrate you on purpose. “The traffic is always the worst when I’m in a hurry.” Your mind is telling you that everyone out there driving has one intention and that’s to delay you. Crazy, isn’t it? But we all do it.

So, when you are acting from a wound or limiting belief, what you are getting back from others, no matter what their intention is, is a reflection of your wound. You will totally miss their intention since you’re replacing it with your wound’s intention. So, what they say really doesn’t matter. They could be giving you a compliment, but you’ll see it as an insult. How you feel about yourself in any given moment is determining your experience of life. That’s one big reason why it’s so important to heal. You begin to have more and more clarity and to see the world more and more like it is instead of like you are.

It is not selfish to care for yourself, to do inner work and to heal your wounds. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, and the best gift you can give others. Take the time to meditate, do processes to help you heal and to clear your wounds and limiting beliefs. How you feel about yourself totally affects how you experience life. It is the most important work you can do!

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