The World Is What You Think It Is

Life is what you think it isWhat you are experiencing in life is entirely based on your own individual version of reality. This is your own point of view which is determined by your unique life experiences and beliefs. Everyone’s version of reality is different because we’ve all had different experiences and have all created our own beliefs about those experiences. Your unique version of reality can change as you are exposed to new life experiences and teachings. It’s easy to see that each individual has their own way of seeing life and determining what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not.


I heard once, that if you spent 10 minutes in someone else’s head, you would die of shock! A person brought up in a different culture than your own has a very different version of reality. If you’ve ever learned a foreign language you really get a good idea of how different the world looks through another culture’s eyes. Colors are described differently, there are more than 16 ways to say the word ‘snow’ if you are an Eskimo.  In some languages there is no verb ‘to be’. In one Native American language there is no way to say another person is bad, you can just express that their behavior is bad.


We not only have different versions of reality, but we all process events in our lives differently, too. Everyone has different filters that determine their perception.  You really can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head, but we all assume what they’re thinking and feeling based on our beliefs. If someone looks at you and moves their eyebrows a certain way, if you are a victim, then you assume they are thinking something negative about you. If you are a winner, then you assume they’re thinking something good about you. They could just be thinking about dinner.  Life is what you think it is.


In spite of these obvious differences, we all tend to defend our own point of view as the only and best one and even impose it on others. We want everyone to experience life the way we do. If other people lived by our own laws, then the world would be a better place. Ego does this in order to feel safe, but it really creates alot of violence and negativity in the world.  How many times have you been in an argument that can never end because the versions of reality will never match? Entire countries have been willing to go to war and accept death and destruction just to defend their point of view and uphold their own version of reality.


Peace will come  to the world when we learn to accept our different points of view. It starts by accepting yourBe the Change own uniqueness and knowing that who you are can never be and will never be duplicated anywhere else in existence. That’s amazing. You also have the ability to change your reality by changing your perception, changing your beliefs and changing how you think. You are a unique creator creating a unique life.  Everyone is. It’s OK to be you and it’s OK for others to be who they are. We can learn from each other and enrich our  experience by appreciating each other’s point of view instead of fearing it or trying to dominate it. No one is wrong. Everyone is right. You are unique, just like everyone else.

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