You Are a Creator

Yes, that’s true. We all are creators. The thing is, most of the time we do it unconsciously, but once you realize what’s going on, you can create what you want. Here’s how it goes. Your thoughts influence. Energy follows thought. They are electric. Your feelings are passive. They receive. They are magnetic. Your thoughts are constantly influencing your feelings. In fact, you don’t have a feeling unless you have a thought first.  When you feel a certain way, stop and take a look at what thoughts are creating and sustaining that feeling. For instance, if you are angry. What are your thoughts doing? They are talking about how angry you are, why you are angry, who or what did it and how terrible it is. They are justifying and sustaining your feelings of anger. So, if you want to stop feeling angry, first you have to stop telling yourself over and over why you are angry in the first place. Breathing helps to break the spell, but it takes determination to stop. It is a choice you make to stop being angry, then a determined effort to do what it takes to stop feeding the feelings with more angry thoughts. There are many techniques for doing this. The same process is going on whatever the feeling. Except for joy and love. They are your natural feelings that you have when all the other ‘stuff’ is out of the way.

So together your mind (electric) and feelings (magnetic) create your electro-magnetic field, your vibration. This vibration is what filters the way you see world (your perception) and also determines what you are attracting in life.  Your beliefs are what drive your thoughts  which then drive your feelings. You have beliefs, most of which you learned very early in life, that hold your self-image and your perception of the world in place. You are constantly telling yourself what your ‘reality’ and making sense of everything going on based on your childhood worldview. If something or someone threatens your belief system, you start to tell yourself what’s wrong, why that doesn’t fit in, what it ‘should’ be, etc. in order to keep validating your beliefs, your self-image, and your perceptions. This is how you hold your world together – by constantly reviewing everything and repeating your beliefs over and over, every day. It takes alot of energy to hold these beliefs, so doing energy healing here can help dismantle them.

So, understanding this, you can see how you can improve your life experience.  You challenge your beliefs and start dismantling your childhood view of the world. You start making new beliefs about the way the world should be based on your new, more advanced understanding as an adult. You become aware of the old thoughts that hold together the old beliefs and replace them with new, uplifting, self-supporting thoughts. This in turn influences your feelings and you start feelings better and better. As your vibration rises, you start attracting better and better people and things into your life.

You are now a conscious creator. You are empowered. You have a choice over what thoughts you are thinking. You always have. You can choose to think new thoughts and these principles, which work for absolutely everyone, will go to work and change the way to feel and perceive yourself and your world.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the moment of power. The present moment is when your make the choice to take control of your mind and emotions and create a new life. One thought at a time.

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  1. I have never thought of thoughts and feelings as creators of our personal electro-magnetic field. What a brilliant way to express this concept. Helpful, inspirational words. Thank you!

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